Ricardo Y Karen WOD 2019

Watch closely how amazing these 2 Salsa World Champions showcasing a salsa dance in WOD 2018.

Ricardo Vega and Karen Forcano are the current Nonachampion World Salsa Cabaret style couple.

Karen Forcano, Argentina (23 years old) and Ricardo Vega, Chilean (22 years old), who have danced together professionally since 2009.

Karen was motivated by her mother, who was a ballet dancer. Karen began with classical ballet at 6 years old and when she was 7, her mother took salsa and merengue classes, a situation that she liked much more and that is how since then she began to prepare in this style of dance until today.

Celia Cruz – Bemba Colora (Salsa Series)

Ricardo, in turn, shares this passion with his entire family, since he was inspired by his grandparents who were tango dancers; Beginning at age 7 in ballet until she was 15 years old, she also developed in contemporary dance, jazz and other rhythms.

Karen and Ricardo have known each other since they were 9 years old, but since 2009 when they went to their first salsa conference together with Karen; they became a definitive dance partner, they focused professionally on Salsa. In addition, from that same year they are boyfriends, traveling the world together showing their art.

Celia Cruz – Bemba Colora (Salsa Series)