About Watazu

Know more about the producer/remixer, artist behind Dancesport Watazu Music.
At what year you start remixing or producing dancesport music?

“Well, first, I’m a latin dancer so listen to any dancesport music available. I started listening to remixed dancesport music way back 2012 from various artist from Europe and also few locally. I got so inspired how they create them. I also start asking would there be any rules, restrictions, required or mandated rhythms so on and so fort. So I started creating one after retiring from competition. I had a friend whom I asked to listen to what I did and asked feedback after. It’s funny because one day, I just told myself, “My song will be heard! It turns from one listener then group and now I don’t know how many of them which I am totally grateful…”

Who are your inspirations and where do you get inspiration for your songs?

“My inspirations? I can say my inspiration would be our “friends” who listened to our music. Who appreciate and continuously giving feedback which encourage me a-lot to continue. I do remix or produce songs, all the time, whenever inspiration strikes! And I will continue to keep more!” Yeap and i see that you’re getting a lot of likes on your facebook page from day to day.  “Yes and i am very thankful for them who continuously listening and keep sharing it. You see, I don’t really treat them as a fan, i treat them my friends or our friends. A true friend is someone who says and knows what is right and wrong which encourage you to be who you really are not what you are. And these are them – bringing the best in you”

How do you usually create your music?

“Now a days, technology is really a big help. I use studio software which can be purchased online. Installed on your computer. These are softwares like you’re really in a studio doing a recording”

How long does it takes to finish one remix or composition?

“I say it will be base on the idea. For remix, I finish them for an hour or two and sometimes the whole day.. and it is also depends on what type of rhythms to add and style. For original compositions, sometimes I have this type of attitude that after publication I’m still not contented with the release because I want to add more, add like this and some of that. So I finalize every song before publications may it takes months or months”


I like all types of rhythm, tempo that give the dance a different taste and feel. There’s always a way to feel music to make it interesting in your ears. People just have to learn to find it in the music. After that, it can become magical!

Artist/Producer and Remixer