KDrama Special: Dancesport Music


Dancesport tracks are known to be rhythmical and percussive as possible then why Korean Drama OST best for Dancesport Music?

K-Drama or Korean Drama official soundtracks (OST) are something that we consider as ultimate songs for our remixes. It can make you laugh; cry and sometimes we smile too. Just hearing the first note is enough to make you remember the exact heartbreaks, funny and sad moments. If you’re a fan of K-Drama series then you’ll definitely relate to this. If you haven’t watched any of K-Drama series, you may visit Amazon or few websites and try watching the popular Goblin [Guardian: The Lonely and Great God] 쓸쓸하고 찬란하神 – 도깨비.

KDrama Special: Dancesport Music Remix

By the way, we are not paid nor instructed to promote any of these drama series. Plainly for entertainment and when boredom strikes purposes only…

If you’re a fan, had watched KDrama and had listen into few of their OST that you might think it’s possible for us to remix into dance-able latin/ballroom track, feel free to shoot us an email and well get back to once the request has been received.

I’m not a fan of KDrama but i’m amazed how these Soundtrack were created to tailor fit the story-line of each series. Here are just a few of Korean Drama series you can watch on and look forward for the OST remixed to dance-able Ballroom/Latin tracks.